Find Out the Top Exports, Exporting Companies and Trading Partners of Sri Lanka with Sri Lanka Export Data

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island situated in the Indian Ocean and touches borders of Maldives and India by Sea. In the field of importation business, Sri Lanka holds the 65th position in the list of top exporting country in the world. The largest Sri Lankan export trade recorded till now is of US $10.4 Billion Dollars. The top 10 exports of Sri Lanka are accounted for over 2/3rd or 76.8% of total Sri Lankan exports.

Sri Lanka Export Data

Top Sri Lankan exports

As per Sri Lanka export data, the products that Sri Lankan traders majorly exports are tea, refined petroleum, coconut oil, knit gloves, knit sweaters, knit women’s undergarments, non-knit men’s shirts, other women’s undergarments and knit men’s suits etc.

Let’s have a look on top export of Sri Lanka-

  • Diamonds
  • Emeralds
  • Tea & spices
  • Fish
  • Rubber manufactures
  • Coconut products
  • Textiles & apparel
  • Rubies

Top Sri Lankan Export companies

There are lots of major companies situated inside the border of Sri Lanka which assist their traders to effectively run their export business and refining economy of the country. One of the leading hands for Sri Lankan exporters is Ceylon Biscuits Limited (Known for biscuits and cookies making). The leading organization is Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (Petroleum & natural gas based). The leading Sri Lankan organizations are Colombo Dockyard (Ships & boats), Dilmah (tea), Micro Cars (Automobiles) and many more.

Top trading partners of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan exporters work day & night for refining their export business of their country but exportation business cannot be run without helping hands or trading partners.  According to Sri Lanka export data, the top countries that help in leading export of Sri Lanka (Trading partners) are United Kingdom, United States, Belgium, Russia, France, Bangladesh, Iran, Vietnam, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico and Australia etc.


Make a Deep Analysis on Top Mexican Exports with the Help of Mexico Exports Data

With the perspective of Mexico exports data and below table, Mexican traders majorly export vehicles in the largest number of quantity. Around $24 Billion Dollars’ worth of vehicles Mexico exported to the United States of America which signifies 3/4th or 69% of total Mexico car exports. The other top destinations of Mexican cars are Canada, Germany, Brazil, china, Argentina and Colombia etc.

Mexico Exports Data

The second largest exported item of Mexico is crude petroleum. Mexican traders exported crude petroleum of total $19.35B majorly to the United States (61%) o of total Mexican exports), Spain (12%), India (7.7%), Japan (4.0%), South Korea (3.6%) and many more.

Top Mexican exports

Here is a complete of top Mexican exports, total annual worth in American currency and the entire exports in percentage-

Top Mexican Exports Total worth in American currency Total exports in percentage
Vehicles US$88.1 billion dollars 23.6% of total exports
Electrical machinery and equipment $76.4 billion dollars 20.4%
Machinery including computers $61.7 billion dollars 16.5%
Mineral fuels including oil $18 billion dollars 4.8%
Optical, technical and medical apparatus $16.2 billion dollars 4.3%
Furniture, bedding, lighting , signs and prefab buildings $10.4 billion dollars 2.8%
Plastics and plastic articles $8.4 billion dollars 2.2%
Gems and precious metals $7.5 billion dollars 2%
Vegetables $6.7 billion dollars 1.8%
Fruits and nuts $5.5 billion dollars 1.5%

All such information can be obtained from Internet. Even internet is the most important source to get such type of information but it is not reliable and sometimes confusing. So, the best less time consuing and cheapest way to gather all this information is Mexico exports data. With the help of this data, Traders can get updated information about top Mexican exports and market scenario of México’s exports.

Figure Out the Statistics of Top Vietnam Imports and Top Import Sources with Vietnam Import Data

Vietnam is the 27th largest importing country in the world and majorly imports integrated circuits, telephones, raw cotton, refined petroleum, corn, cars, tractors, refined copper, soyabean meal, sawn woods and pesticides etc. Based on the last year’s Vietnam import data, approx. 82% of total imports of Vietnam were originated from Asian countries, 7.3% of imports were purchased from European traders, while 5.3% worth of commodities were imported from North America and Latin America helped in importing 3.1% of total Vietnam imports.

Vietnam Import Data

Statistics of top Vietnam imports

Integrated Circuits hold the first spot in the list of top Vietnam imports. Every year a large number of integrated circuits Vietnam imports from different parts of the world including South Korea, Singapore, China, United States, Ireland, Japan, Philippines, Israel, Malaysia and other Asian region countries.

The second largest imported item of Vietnam after integrated circuits is Telephones. Around US $5.68 Billion Dollars’ worth of telephones had imported in Vietnam from China. China is the largest import source of telephones of Vietnam and covers almost half or 54% of total telephone imports of Vietnam. The other import source of Vietnam telephones are South Korea, Hong Kong, japan and other Asian region countries etc.

Top import source countries of Vietnam imports

On the basis of Vietnam import data, here is the list of top Vietnam imports, their overall amount and percentage measure

Top 10 import source countries Worth of total imports in US currency Total imports in percentage
China US $49.6 Billion Dollars 27.9%
Korea US $27.8 Billion Dollars 15.7%
Japan US $15.5 Billion Dollars 8.8%
Taiwan US $12.6 Billion Dollars 7.1%
Thailand US $8.4 Billion Dollars 4.8%
Singapore US $7.6 Billion Dollars 4.3%
United States US $7 Billion Dollars 4.0%
Malaysia US $5.5 Billion Dollars 3.1%
Germany US $4 Billion Dollars 2.2%
India US $3.9 Billion Dollars 2.2%

Know more about Uruguay’s top Exports to the World with Uruguay Exports Data

According to the most recent Uruguay exports data, Uruguay is considered the 94th largest exporting country in the world due to its last year’s export of US 8.1 Billion Dollars. A large number of products are being exported from Uruguay to other nations of the world including China (19% of total Uruguay’s exports), Brazil (14%), United States (7%), Argentina (4.9%), Germany (4.0%), Netherlands (3.8%), Mexico (3.7%), Italy (3.4%) and many more.

Uruguay Exports Data

Here is the complete list of top exports of Uruguay, total worth of exported items and their exports in percentage-

Top Uruguay’s exports Total amount US currency Total exports in percentage


Meat US$1.6 billion (23% of total exports)
Oil seeds $818.3 million (11.7%)
Wood $816.8 million (11.7%)
Dairy, eggs & honey $585.6 million (8.4%)
Cereals $551.1 million (7.9%)
Raw hides, skins not furskins, leather $277.2 million (4%)
Wool $205.5 million (2.9%)
Plastics, plastic articles $197.9 million (2.8%)
Live animals $196.4 million (2.8%)
Milling products, malt, starches $166.1 million (2.4%)

With reference to the above table and recent Uruguay exports data, Meat is the largest exported item in Uruguay which is accounted for 23% of total Uruguay’s exports. After that, oil seeds and woods are the second largest exports of Uruguay and represents 11.7% each of total yearly exports of Uruguay.

What does it contains in exports data of Uruguay?

It contains information like Date & time of shipment (Time, Year, Month& Date), HS Code of exported item, short description of exported products, Load Vessel Name, Name of the buyer& suppliers, Quantity Net Weight &Unit of Uruguay’ exported items, Amount & Currency Uruguay’ exported items, method of shipment, port & country of destination, name & address of suppliers & buyers and many more.

How Export Data in Panama helps in Getting Detailed Statistical Report of the Top 3 Exports of Panama?

Panama is a beautiful country located in the Central America and majorly involved in export business far more than importation. In 2016, Panama exported commodities worth of US $4.75 Billion Dollars. If we analyze the last year’s export data in Panama, there are lots of major products that Panama sells to rest of the world such as Coal tar oil, passenger & cargo ships, refined petroleum, crude petroleum, petroleum gas, packaged medicament’s, Bananas, tug boats, rubber tires, non-fillet frozen fish, gold, diamonds etc.

Export Data in Panama

What are the top three major exports of panama?

1) Passenger and Cargo Ships- Recently, Panama exported passengers & cargo ships worth of US $741M which accounted for 16% of the Panama’s exports. The top export destinations of Panama’s cargo ships are South Korea (43%), Japan (21%), Poland (10%), Thailand (5.9%), India (5.2%), Greece (5.2%), Malaysia (2.9%), Germany (2.2%) and Norway (1.4%) etc.

3) Refined Petroleum- In 2015, Mexico brought Refined Petroleum worth of $90.2M from Panama which accounted for 24% of total refined petroleum exports of Panama, followed by Ecuador ($74.9M), Paraguay (57.8M), Colombia ($49.1M), Guatemala ($42.2M), Mozambique ($18.6M), Zambia (11.5M), Nicaragua ($10.4M), Dominican Republic (6 .91M) and many more.

What does Panama exports data comprises?

The export data of Panama contains detailed information about all the export trade that took place in Panama throughout the past year like top exporter’s name, export destination’s port & country, product’s description, harmonized system code, applicable GST tax & custom duty, exporter and importer’s contact details, date & time of product’s delivery.

Find The List of Top 15 Export Trading Partners of Brazil With The Help of Brazil Exporter Data

Brazil’s top exports are accounted for 60.4% of the total shipments of their products to different countries visible on the world’s map. The export business of Brazil is increasing day by day and 21% of profits have been seen in its business. With the help of Brazil exporter data, we can assume that around 39.8% of Brazilian products were brought by Asian countries, 20.7% of commodities were sold to European traders and approximately 18.1% of commodities were sold to American clients and lastly 4.2% to Africa.

Brazil exporter data

Top 15 export trading partners of Brazil

Here you can find the list of top 15 largest export trading partners of Brazil, their exported products worth and total Brazilian exports in percentage.

Top 15 Export Trading Partners of Brazil Worth of Exported Commoditiesin US Currency Total Brazilian Exports in Percentage
China US$35.1 billiondollars 19% of total Brazilian exports
United States $23.3 billion dollars 12.6%
Argentina $13.4 billion dollars 7.2%
Netherlands $10.3 billion dollars 5.6%
Germany $4.9 billion dollars 2.6%
Japan $4.6 billion dollars 2.5%
Chile $4.1 billion dollars 2.2%
Mexico $3.8 billion dollars 2.1%
Italy $3.3 billion dollars 1.8%
Belgium $3.2 billion dollars 1.7%
India $3.2 billion dollars 1.7%
South Korea $2.9 billion dollars 1.6%
United Kingdom $2.9 billion dollars 1.5%
Singapore $2.8 billion dollars 1.5%
Uruguay $2.7 billion dollars 1.5%

With the reference of above list and latest Brazil exporter data, we can say that China is the largest export trading partner of Brazil which holds 19% of total Brazilian exports, followed by United States, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Chile, Mexico, Italy, India and so on.

Find Real Time Statistical Report of India’s Two Major Imports with Indian Imports Data

India is the third largest importer of Crude Petroleum and Gold after China and the United States of America. A large number of Crude petroleum and Gold India imports from diverse regions of the globe. According to the most recent report of Indian imports data, India majorly imports petrol from Saudi Arabia and Iraq and Gold from Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

Indian Imports Data

India’s Crude Petroleum imports

Crude petroleum is the most imported and demanded product in India and the world. Most recently India imported Crude petroleum worth of US $89.3 Billion Dollars which accounted for approximately 25% of total Indian imports. Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of Crude Petroleum (21% percent of imports) to India. The second largest petrol import trading partner of India is Iraq (16%), followed by Nigeria (13%), Venezuela (9%), United Arab Emirates (8.8%), Kuwait (6.4%), Iran (5.8%), Angola (4.2%), Qatar (1.9%), Brazil (1.7%) and many more.

India’s Gold imports

With the reference of Indian imports data, around half of the Indian Gold imports (54%) is held by Switzerland. After that United Arab Emirates holds the second position in the list of top exporters of Gold to India which accounted for 11% of total Indian imports of Gold. The third largest exporter of Gold to India is Ghana (8.5%), followed by the United States of America (7.0%), South America (5.1%), Australia (3.4%), Tanzania (1.5%), Dominican Republic (1.4%) and many more.

This detailed information can only be obtained from high quality and updated importers data of India, There are lots of Indian traders who need this data to gain profits in their business. With the help of these detailed reports, traders can easily know about their competitors in the market, their recent trade, product’s description, address & phone number and number of items they imported with price and applied custom duty on their imported commodities.

Detailed Statistics of the Top World’s Trade with the Support of Import Export Data

Every year millions of commodities trade cross the world from one country to another. According to a recent import export data, China is the largest exporter of the world and mostly exports computers, broadcasting equipment, telephones, integrated circuits and office machine parts to different parts of the globe including the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany and South Korea etc. The second largest exporter of world after China is United States, followed by Germany, Japan, Netherlands, France, Korea, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, and Belgium and so on.

Import Export Data

China also ranks first in the business of importation in the world. They majorly imports Crude petroleum, integrated circuits, Gold, Iron ore and cars in the largest number of quantity.  South Korea, the United States, Japan, Germany and other Asian countries are the top trading partners of China. The list of top importers is followed by the United States, European Union, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico and Italy etc.

According to a world’s recent import export data, we came to know that China and USA are the largest importer of plastics and plastic products. China imported the largest amount of plastics worth of US$ 14.95bn accounting for twenty percent of the entire market share. In 2015, United States of America imported polymer worth of US$ 4.41bn. It ranks second in the list of top plastic importers in the world followed by Germany, Belgium, India, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, France and Vietnam.

In order to run a successful business of import-export in any country, planning and background survey are two important tasks to do. One must have an updated version of world’s import export trade data to check background details and current market demand of world’s trade.

How to Find Appropriate HS Code for Your Product with HS Code Finder?

HS (Harmonized System) code acts as a common language in the international import-export trade market. This system code provide assistance in handling the entire process of trade including shipping, importing, exporting etc. Each and every product trade in the international market contains a specific code called harmonized system code. HS code finder plays a very important role in finding an appropriate HS code which is used in almost every organization including international organizations, Government and the private sector for many different reasons.

Find HS Code

With the help of execution the Harmonized System Code (HS) or the Global Harmonized System (GHS) is intentional (countries select to apply pieces of the recommendations), every chief player uses a difference of it. The HS codes have been being used by 98% of international trade all over globe. First two digits of a particular HS codes are called chapters, next two digits are heading and next two digits are sub-heading. Have a look on the given example in order to completely understand how HS codes work.

The HS Code of Pineapple is 0804.30.10. First two digits i.e. “08” called “chapters’- (Edible fruit & nuts, peel of citrus/melons). First four digits i.e. “0804” are called ‘heading’- (Dates, Figs, pineapples, avocados, etc. fresh or dried) and first six digits i.e. 080430 are ‘sub heading’- (Pineapples).

It is a universal six digit code followed by almost every country around the world. It is considered the easiest way to classify the import and export goods to know the international trade statistics. HS code finder helps in knowing customs tariffs, collection of international trade statistics, rules of origin, collection of internal taxes, trade negotiations, monitoring of controlled goods, areas of Customs controls and procedures, including risk assessment, information technology and compliance.

Find out the Top Exporters in Asian Region of the World with the help of Export Data

Around 30% of total land area has been covered by Asian countries which is the most populous and largest continent of the Earth. On the world’s map, it is situated in the eastern & northern hemispheres. The entire region of Asia is bounded by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Indian Ocean to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the eastern side. It is the largest region of the world which covers China, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Export Data

Nowadays, whole world is engaged in importation and exportation business. Every year, millions of products are traded from one part of the globe to another. With the reference of latest Export Data, China is the largest exporter of products in the Asia region of the world, followed by Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, India and Vietnam.

In the previous year, Asia exported goods worth of US$5.858 trillion to different parts of the globe which represents approximately 36% of entire world exports.

Here is the list of top 5 Asian Countries in terms of total exports-

Top 5 Asian countries Percentage of Total Exports
China 14.1%
Japan 3.8%
Republic of Korea 3.2%
India 1.6%
Vietnam 1%

A complete statistics of entire Asian exports can be recorded with the help of updated and authentic Export Data. With the help of this, we can easily understand the current market scenario of entire Asian countries. It contains information like date & time of exports, Seller’s and buyer’s name & address, HS code, description of products, value, unit and quantity, origin and destination port, method of trade and many more.