Find Real Time Statistical Report of India’s Two Major Imports with Indian Imports Data

India is the third largest importer of Crude Petroleum and Gold after China and the United States of America. A large number of Crude petroleum and Gold India imports from diverse regions of the globe. According to the most recent report of Indian imports data, India majorly imports petrol from Saudi Arabia and Iraq and Gold from Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

Indian Imports Data

India’s Crude Petroleum imports

Crude petroleum is the most imported and demanded product in India and the world. Most recently India imported Crude petroleum worth of US $89.3 Billion Dollars which accounted for approximately 25% of total Indian imports. Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of Crude Petroleum (21% percent of imports) to India. The second largest petrol import trading partner of India is Iraq (16%), followed by Nigeria (13%), Venezuela (9%), United Arab Emirates (8.8%), Kuwait (6.4%), Iran (5.8%), Angola (4.2%), Qatar (1.9%), Brazil (1.7%) and many more.

India’s Gold imports

With the reference of Indian imports data, around half of the Indian Gold imports (54%) is held by Switzerland. After that United Arab Emirates holds the second position in the list of top exporters of Gold to India which accounted for 11% of total Indian imports of Gold. The third largest exporter of Gold to India is Ghana (8.5%), followed by the United States of America (7.0%), South America (5.1%), Australia (3.4%), Tanzania (1.5%), Dominican Republic (1.4%) and many more.

This detailed information can only be obtained from high quality and updated importers data of India, There are lots of Indian traders who need this data to gain profits in their business. With the help of these detailed reports, traders can easily know about their competitors in the market, their recent trade, product’s description, address & phone number and number of items they imported with price and applied custom duty on their imported commodities.


Detailed Statistics of the Top World’s Trade with the Support of Import Export Data

Every year millions of commodities trade cross the world from one country to another. According to a recent import export data, China is the largest exporter of the world and mostly exports computers, broadcasting equipment, telephones, integrated circuits and office machine parts to different parts of the globe including the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany and South Korea etc. The second largest exporter of world after China is United States, followed by Germany, Japan, Netherlands, France, Korea, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, and Belgium and so on.

Import Export Data

China also ranks first in the business of importation in the world. They majorly imports Crude petroleum, integrated circuits, Gold, Iron ore and cars in the largest number of quantity.  South Korea, the United States, Japan, Germany and other Asian countries are the top trading partners of China. The list of top importers is followed by the United States, European Union, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico and Italy etc.

According to a world’s recent import export data, we came to know that China and USA are the largest importer of plastics and plastic products. China imported the largest amount of plastics worth of US$ 14.95bn accounting for twenty percent of the entire market share. In 2015, United States of America imported polymer worth of US$ 4.41bn. It ranks second in the list of top plastic importers in the world followed by Germany, Belgium, India, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, France and Vietnam.

In order to run a successful business of import-export in any country, planning and background survey are two important tasks to do. One must have an updated version of world’s import export trade data to check background details and current market demand of world’s trade.

How to Find Appropriate HS Code for Your Product with HS Code Finder?

HS (Harmonized System) code acts as a common language in the international import-export trade market. This system code provide assistance in handling the entire process of trade including shipping, importing, exporting etc. Each and every product trade in the international market contains a specific code called harmonized system code. HS code finder plays a very important role in finding an appropriate HS code which is used in almost every organization including international organizations, Government and the private sector for many different reasons.

Find HS Code

With the help of execution the Harmonized System Code (HS) or the Global Harmonized System (GHS) is intentional (countries select to apply pieces of the recommendations), every chief player uses a difference of it. The HS codes have been being used by 98% of international trade all over globe. First two digits of a particular HS codes are called chapters, next two digits are heading and next two digits are sub-heading. Have a look on the given example in order to completely understand how HS codes work.

The HS Code of Pineapple is 0804.30.10. First two digits i.e. “08” called “chapters’- (Edible fruit & nuts, peel of citrus/melons). First four digits i.e. “0804” are called ‘heading’- (Dates, Figs, pineapples, avocados, etc. fresh or dried) and first six digits i.e. 080430 are ‘sub heading’- (Pineapples).

It is a universal six digit code followed by almost every country around the world. It is considered the easiest way to classify the import and export goods to know the international trade statistics. HS code finder helps in knowing customs tariffs, collection of international trade statistics, rules of origin, collection of internal taxes, trade negotiations, monitoring of controlled goods, areas of Customs controls and procedures, including risk assessment, information technology and compliance.

Find out the Top Exporters in Asian Region of the World with the help of Export Data

Around 30% of total land area has been covered by Asian countries which is the most populous and largest continent of the Earth. On the world’s map, it is situated in the eastern & northern hemispheres. The entire region of Asia is bounded by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Indian Ocean to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the eastern side. It is the largest region of the world which covers China, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Export Data

Nowadays, whole world is engaged in importation and exportation business. Every year, millions of products are traded from one part of the globe to another. With the reference of latest Export Data, China is the largest exporter of products in the Asia region of the world, followed by Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, India and Vietnam.

In the previous year, Asia exported goods worth of US$5.858 trillion to different parts of the globe which represents approximately 36% of entire world exports.

Here is the list of top 5 Asian Countries in terms of total exports-

Top 5 Asian countries Percentage of Total Exports
China 14.1%
Japan 3.8%
Republic of Korea 3.2%
India 1.6%
Vietnam 1%

A complete statistics of entire Asian exports can be recorded with the help of updated and authentic Export Data. With the help of this, we can easily understand the current market scenario of entire Asian countries. It contains information like date & time of exports, Seller’s and buyer’s name & address, HS code, description of products, value, unit and quantity, origin and destination port, method of trade and many more.

Importance of Export Data in Ukraine in Finding out the Top Exported Products in Ukraine

For everyone, who is involved in the business of export in Ukraine must have access to the most updated and authentic form of Export data. Export data in Ukraine is very essential to earn profits and taking business at a very next level of success. According to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI), Ukraine is the 35th most complex economy. It is one of the largest exporters in the world. In the last year, Ukraine exported $41.7B resulting in a positive trade balance of $2.1B. There are lots countries across the globe where Ukraine export their products and some of their export partners are Russia ($4.99B), Egypt ($3.34B), Turkey ($2.89B), China ($2.48B) and Italy ($2.1B).

Export data in Ukraine

Internet is the most reliable source of the data of Ukraine exports because it is accessible to almost everyone in the world. It is less expensive and most accurate. With the advent of technology, it becomes essential to shine among thousands of competitors in the same business. There are lots of companies which help their clients by providing them Export data in Ukraine. They find shipment records and customs are the most reliable sources of export data. Day- by-day, Ukraine is getting closer to the success of exportation business and some top products which Ukraine exports in rich quantity are listed below-

  • Semi-Finished Iron ($3.38B)
  • Seed Oils ($3.05B)
  • Corn ($3B)
  • Wheat ($2.68B)
  • Iron Ore ($2.12B)

Export Data in Ukraine is the blessings for every active trade who wants to earn profits in Ukraine export business. The data of export symbolizes the entire transactions of products exported from a particular country to the foreign countries around the world. For everyone who is involved in the business of exportation, it is considered the best way to know the various components of trade market in depth and current market trends. It also helps to get a clear picture of economic and political situation of a particular country they are dealing with.

Get a Fair Idea of Current Russian Market Trend with Russia Export Data

The largest country of the world area wise; Russia, has one of the largest reserves of mineral oil and natural gas. With a market centric economy, it’s the 5th largest economy of the world measured by nominal GDP and6th largest based on purchasing power parity. Russia runs its exportation business in various highly diversified segments like machinery, aerospace, electronics, automobiles, commercial shipping, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, apparels, petroleum products, coal, high end tea and coffee products and industrial metals.

Russia Export Data

Russia Export Data shows the statistics of various pharmaceutical products like tea, coffee, mate and spices; nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances parts; tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes and electrical machinery and equipment. For all the people involved in the exportation business and planning to expand their activities in Russia, you need a have all the necessary information related to the Russian markets and consumer preferences before you start in order to minimize the risks and receive higher profit margins.

Russia export data contains information of all the goods exported from Russia. It also includes their quantities, tariffs, excise duty and other taxes which are imposed on these exported products. All the data is organized categorically based on the HS codes of the goods. The data also includes information relating to the different ports of lading both sea and air; and the details of the Russian exporters. This data is very useful for all the exporters doing or planning to do business in Russia because it provides a probe into existing market conditions and a tool for market fluctuation speculation. You can easily find the data on various websites by simply entering the HS code of the commodity that you are wailing to export. So use the data of Russia export to grab every business opportunity that comes by.

How USA importer data helps in finding the major ports of USA where most of the imports take place?

In USA, capital goods cover ¼ parts of all products imported that includes telecommunication and computers equipment. Apparel and footwear are the products which are in high demand in USA, followed by cell phone, TV category and Pharmaceutical. Apparel, automobiles, footwear, Furniture, Kitchen and household appliances are the major products which USA imports from different parts of the world. Apparel imports are the cheapest products and undoubtedly the most expensive are automobile products.

USA importer data

USA importer data is very essential in order to earn profits and taking business at a very next level of success. It is very important to analyze current market trends and products demand before importing products. With the help of this data, it becomes easy to know about tariffs, transportation charges and all the taxes applicable on the products. This data helps every active trader to avail detailed information regarding the market that they are serving and also regarding the demands of their consumers. This data is essential for business people across the world since it aids them to understand more about the latest opportunities and prospects that are existed in the huge market of the country.

Major USA ports

According to a most recent USA importer data, some major ports of USA where most of the imports take place are Port of Houston, Port of Beaumont, Port of Long Beach, Port of New Orleans, Port of Corpus Christi, Port of Greater Baton Rouge, Port of Los Angeles, Plaquemines Port, Port of Lake Charles, Port of Mobile, Port of South Louisiana, Port of New York & New Jersey, Port of Texas City, Port of Huntington-Tristate, Port of Baltimore, Port of Hampton Roads, Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior, Valdez, Port of St. Louis, Port of Tampa Bay, Port of Pittsburgh, Pascagoula, and many more.

Understand the Complete Concept of Indonesia Export Business with Indonesia Export Data

Every business has a history associated with its origin. The same applies to the export business where exporters meet the requirement of the foreign customers and earn from this activity. If you are involved in this business in Indonesia then the secret to get success is to understand the previous Indonesia Export Data. You will get a clear view of the products demand and new opportunities. Just know your expertise and find markets that can provide you high earning and long term business. A small research of the market will do a lot and the use of this Export Data will lead to the realistic business decisions and policies.

Indonesia Export Data

The agencies that are listed online operate to empower the growth of their clients business. Thus, no matter whether you are new or exist since a long time, their support would definitely open doors of new opportunity in the export business. You will get Indonesia Export Data that will be collected from the direct source and will be authentic and reliable. You can take business decision and frame policies that will never fail. The support of these agencies guarantee of the success and open opportunities that we hardly can think of when we use our skills to operate in the foreign market.

Therefore, no matter in what commodity you are involved, the analysis of Indonesia Export Data will definitely broaden your business operation and to fetch details like foreign importers details, ports, customs paid, commodity demand, pricing factor, etc. These agencies have enough number of customers and each one of them contribute to their overall experience. They get a wide view of the import and export business and are well aware of the market situations of various countries. Thus, it is a feasible choice to hire an agency to collect Export Data to enjoy a profitable export business in Indonesia.

Understand the Importance of Indian Custom Duty for a Successful Trade Business

Customs duty is a tax that is paid at the customs offices during the trade. This duty is levied on all the goods and commodities that are imported or exported to a country. Do you wish gathering details about the Indian Custom Duty? The duty that is paid on the import goods is import duty and on export goods is an export duty. For getting a better understanding of this, you need to gather genuine Custom data from the reliable source. This can be gathered directly from the sea ports from different customs officials.

Indian Custom Duty

If you are new in the industry and wish enjoying a hassle free trade in India, then you need a clear understanding on the Indian Custom Duty that is paid so far by various traders. This will provide you with a clear understanding of the charges and its impact on the ultimate profit from the trade business. For supporting new traders in India, this data is shared by the export import companies on the internet. You can get it from there or ask an expert to collect it for you. The choice is yours to get the data in figures like country wise, import export wise, period wise, etc.

For this, just explore the internet where you will have expert agencies that assist in understanding the Indian Custom Duty and the statistic for making business strategies, policies and understanding the overall cost of the trade. All these information’s can be easily gathered from a trusted agency. This assistance is highly required to enjoy the best competition and take the right decisions to overcome the close competition in the segment. The experts will always be there to provide you with a better understanding of the business future and minimize the cost of trade.  Thus, learn how custom duty controls the flow of goods across the borders.

How to Make use of Chile Export Data to Get Maximum Benefit from Export Business

Entering into a new market is never an easy task. For this, you need to make a proper analysis of the market demand, restrictions, customs, taxes and other elements. If you are thinking to export products from Chile to the new markets, then make sure that you gather Chile export data to understand the market in depth. This data will help you to find authentic and potential buyers for a particular product. This data will also help you to track each and every shipment that is shipped from Chile. You fill find it easy to monitor the competitor’s shipment and enjoy the competitive advantage.

Chile Export Data

With the help of Chile export data, you will find it easy to analyse the market’s share of particular products and what are the restrictions that particular country imposes on the various commodities. With genuine statistic, you will find the product demand and supply in various corners of the globe. For gathering this information, you need to trust the online source. Here you will find various agencies that publish this statistic for the users. Along with these agencies, you will find various other sources from where you can extract the data and will help you to access this genuine export data.

You can collect the Chile export data directly from the ports of Chile, customs offices, etc. With this, you get details like HS code, product description, variety, prices, quantity demanded, etc. Thus, subscribe with one of the company and let the experts support in planning the export, finding new markets across the globe, get a competitive price, understand cross-complexities and required documents for the hassle free export trade. Thus, no matter whether you are new or exist in the market since a long time, you will always find these agencies best for enjoying a flourishing export business in Chile.