Do you need Vizag Sea Import Data

Do you have a market intelligence if you are involved in the trading activity? For this, you should be well aware of the Vizag Sea Import Data to know what is happening here and how you can cope with the challenges in the market. You can easily find the details of all the ports and trade that is taking place based on the shipping data. This data will help you to get the details of the traders, commodities, price, charges, countries that trade particular commodities, etc. This is the best way to exchange the data and other details to quickly know how you can get progress in this industry.


Vizag Sea port is located in the south of India and plays as an import role in controlling the trade of India. Thus, Vizag Sea Import Data definitely provide an overview of the commodities that are imported all through the year you can manage your import activities. With this information, you will find easy to decide the volume of trade, commodity, price, importers, exporters, bills of lading, etc. You can easily handle the complexities of the business and take an effective decision. Framing the right set of policies is a must to stay fit and competitive in this industry.

There are various regulations, duties and taxes an importer needs to pay on the goods imported from other countries. This is the reason that you should be well aware of the Vizag Sea Import Data and analysis your performance accordingly. For a better and effective decision, you should look for the genuine agencies who publish the import data regularly. They can be located online and will support you in providing the simple data that benefit your business most. When such a huge benefit is associated with the data of import, make sure you are timely updated on it.


What You Get to Know from Bolivia Import Data

Import business in Bolivia has provided an earning opportunity to several desperate traders. If you are among them, make sure to gather Bolivia import data and analyse it. It is the knowledge of the business that you should possess before you enter in the industry. Make sure to gather necessary information on the trade agreement and make a market research. Bolivia import commodities from different geographic markets. Thus, it is providing a highly profitable business opportunity that young talents are getting attracted. Just unfold the important aspects of the import business and see how this can be a highly profitable business for everyone.

Bolivia import data

Like any other business, import business in Bolivia also requires a lot of preparation. This business is extremely profitable, but you need to make a little extra effort. This effort needs to be in the right direction and should be backed by the real market conditions. For this, Bolivia import data can be used to see what is happening in the international market. Long-term success is achieved only when you have effective business strategies, policies and ways to execute them. Although you cannot completely neglect the fluctuations that are a part of import business, you can easily reduce the impact of it on your business.

Import business in Bolivia should always be backed by the realistic data that should be collected directly from the source of origin. Bolivia import data can be extracted personally or from the expert agencies. These agencies are available in the market who collect data and provide them to the people who are involved in the import business in any form. Make sure to adapt to the changes and apply new tactics to overcome the competition in the market. Thus, always trust only the genuine agencies who have proved their expertise in past.

Need to Understand Indian Custom Duty

When you are involved in any of the trade business in India, you should be well aware of the Indian custom duty. This is the direct tax that is paid by the traders that is levied on goods. This is an important tax that has to be understood to understand the ultimate impact on the overall pricing of the goods in the particular market. Calculating this tax is never easy and for this, you need taking the help of the experts in the industry. The detail on this is required to operate a business smoothly and get a clear understanding of how it can impact the overall profit.

Custom duty in india

With a proper understanding of the Indian custom duty, you get a better understanding on how to plan for your profit, understands the cost of transport and other expenses that can decide the portion of the profit that you can earn from a business. Every country has its own custom duty structure and so as the India. Although it is difficult to know each of the factors of this tax, you can take the help of the experts.  This information is very important to understand the impact of this tax on the export and import of the country. This data also provide details of the restricted and prohibited goods in the country.

Finally, when you have entered into the trade industry in India, make sure that you collect Indian custom duty information from a popular firm. There are websites available over the internet who publishes this data for each of the financial years. You can pick the one that fits your business requirement after proper market analysis and business planning. As custom duty is different for different goods, it is necessary you know the rates to avoid any conflict when you trade.

How Global Trade Data Contribute In Overall Trade Success

No doubt that we are in a new era of globalization where global trade is flourishing and new markets are emerging every day. This is the reason that new traders are entering the industry and finding trade as the most profitable business. Whether they operate locally or across the globe, Global trade data will definitely lay the foundation for the successful business. It is a matter of fact that distance is now of no matter to the traders and people trade with the one who quotes the lowest price and supplies high quality product. For understanding the competition in the global market, it is required that a trader has complete knowledge of the data, facts and other factors.
Global Trade Data
It is hard to enter the global trade business if you are not aware of the trade trends for particular good. For this, you need to study the Global trade data and find the new opportunities. This data will help you to decide on the price, quantity, quality of the product, rivals in the market and support in framing policies to beat the current competition from rivals. When so much depends on the reliable trade data, make sure to get it from the most trusted source.

Earlier when there was no internet, it was challenging to fetch the accurate Global trade data. Considering this difficulty, various firms have entered the industry that provides the detail of the trade that takes place in particular time across the globe. They collect data directly from the ports, companies and customs offices. Their data is authentic, reliable and can be used in decision making. The details can further be simplified to understand and get it in the right format as required. When so much available at one place, global traders trust such sources and get some genuine data regarding trade.

What are the Top 5 Items that Indian Traders Majorly Export to the World? Find out with Export Data in India

The seventh largest country in the world by land area; India is located in the southern part of Asia continent. It is bordered by Bangladesh, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Burma, Nepal, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Maldives. The 2016 export trade of India worth of US $256 Billion Dollars helped India getting the 18th position in the list of top exporting countries in the world. According to export data in India, the major exported items of India are gems & precious metals, mineral fuels, medicines, clothing, electrical equipment and iron & steel etc.

Export Data in India

Top Indian exports

Refined petroleum – In 2016, Indian traders exported refined petroleum worth of US $25.4 Billion Dollars which represents 9.9% of total Indian exports. India sold refined petroleum to different parts of the globe including United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Oman, Japan, South Korea and China etc.

Diamonds – The second largest export that Indian traders majorly exports to the world is Diamonds. The Diamonds of exports to India are accounted 9.3% of total Indian exports. Around $24 Billion Dollars of Diamonds has been exported to Hong Kong (37%), United States (31%), Belgium (9.8%) and Israel (74.2% etc.

Jewelry– Indian exporters made Diamonds the third largest exported item of the nation. The major buyers of Indian Jewelry are United Arab Emirates which cover around 50% of Indian exports, followed Hong Kong (23%), United States (18%), United Kingdom (2.6%) etc.

Packaged medicament’s – Another major exported item of India is medicines. As per 2016 export data in India, Indian traders exported large number of packaged medicines worth of US $11.6 Billion Dollars which represents 4.5% of total exports of India.

Motor cars – In the last year, India sold high-end motor cars to different nations in the world including Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Chile, Peru, South Africa and France etc. India exported US $6.36 Billion Dollars’ worth of cars which represents 2.5% of total Indian exports.

Find Out the Top Exports, Exporting Companies and Trading Partners of Sri Lanka with Sri Lanka Export Data

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island situated in the Indian Ocean and touches borders of Maldives and India by Sea. In the field of importation business, Sri Lanka holds the 65th position in the list of top exporting country in the world. The largest Sri Lankan export trade recorded till now is of US $10.4 Billion Dollars. The top 10 exports of Sri Lanka are accounted for over 2/3rd or 76.8% of total Sri Lankan exports.

Sri Lanka Export Data

Top Sri Lankan exports

As per Sri Lanka export data, the products that Sri Lankan traders majorly exports are tea, refined petroleum, coconut oil, knit gloves, knit sweaters, knit women’s undergarments, non-knit men’s shirts, other women’s undergarments and knit men’s suits etc.

Let’s have a look on top export of Sri Lanka-

  • Diamonds
  • Emeralds
  • Tea & spices
  • Fish
  • Rubber manufactures
  • Coconut products
  • Textiles & apparel
  • Rubies

Top Sri Lankan Export companies

There are lots of major companies situated inside the border of Sri Lanka which assist their traders to effectively run their export business and refining economy of the country. One of the leading hands for Sri Lankan exporters is Ceylon Biscuits Limited (Known for biscuits and cookies making). The leading organization is Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (Petroleum & natural gas based). The leading Sri Lankan organizations are Colombo Dockyard (Ships & boats), Dilmah (tea), Micro Cars (Automobiles) and many more.

Top trading partners of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan exporters work day & night for refining their export business of their country but exportation business cannot be run without helping hands or trading partners.  According to Sri Lanka export data, the top countries that help in leading export of Sri Lanka (Trading partners) are United Kingdom, United States, Belgium, Russia, France, Bangladesh, Iran, Vietnam, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico and Australia etc.

Make a Deep Analysis on Top Mexican Exports with the Help of Mexico Exports Data

With the perspective of Mexico exports data and below table, Mexican traders majorly export vehicles in the largest number of quantity. Around $24 Billion Dollars’ worth of vehicles Mexico exported to the United States of America which signifies 3/4th or 69% of total Mexico car exports. The other top destinations of Mexican cars are Canada, Germany, Brazil, china, Argentina and Colombia etc.

Mexico Exports Data

The second largest exported item of Mexico is crude petroleum. Mexican traders exported crude petroleum of total $19.35B majorly to the United States (61%) o of total Mexican exports), Spain (12%), India (7.7%), Japan (4.0%), South Korea (3.6%) and many more.

Top Mexican exports

Here is a complete of top Mexican exports, total annual worth in American currency and the entire exports in percentage-

Top Mexican Exports Total worth in American currency Total exports in percentage
Vehicles US$88.1 billion dollars 23.6% of total exports
Electrical machinery and equipment $76.4 billion dollars 20.4%
Machinery including computers $61.7 billion dollars 16.5%
Mineral fuels including oil $18 billion dollars 4.8%
Optical, technical and medical apparatus $16.2 billion dollars 4.3%
Furniture, bedding, lighting , signs and prefab buildings $10.4 billion dollars 2.8%
Plastics and plastic articles $8.4 billion dollars 2.2%
Gems and precious metals $7.5 billion dollars 2%
Vegetables $6.7 billion dollars 1.8%
Fruits and nuts $5.5 billion dollars 1.5%

All such information can be obtained from Internet. Even internet is the most important source to get such type of information but it is not reliable and sometimes confusing. So, the best less time consuing and cheapest way to gather all this information is Mexico exports data. With the help of this data, Traders can get updated information about top Mexican exports and market scenario of México’s exports.

Figure Out the Statistics of Top Vietnam Imports and Top Import Sources with Vietnam Import Data

Vietnam is the 27th largest importing country in the world and majorly imports integrated circuits, telephones, raw cotton, refined petroleum, corn, cars, tractors, refined copper, soyabean meal, sawn woods and pesticides etc. Based on the last year’s Vietnam import data, approx. 82% of total imports of Vietnam were originated from Asian countries, 7.3% of imports were purchased from European traders, while 5.3% worth of commodities were imported from North America and Latin America helped in importing 3.1% of total Vietnam imports.

Vietnam Import Data

Statistics of top Vietnam imports

Integrated Circuits hold the first spot in the list of top Vietnam imports. Every year a large number of integrated circuits Vietnam imports from different parts of the world including South Korea, Singapore, China, United States, Ireland, Japan, Philippines, Israel, Malaysia and other Asian region countries.

The second largest imported item of Vietnam after integrated circuits is Telephones. Around US $5.68 Billion Dollars’ worth of telephones had imported in Vietnam from China. China is the largest import source of telephones of Vietnam and covers almost half or 54% of total telephone imports of Vietnam. The other import source of Vietnam telephones are South Korea, Hong Kong, japan and other Asian region countries etc.

Top import source countries of Vietnam imports

On the basis of Vietnam import data, here is the list of top Vietnam imports, their overall amount and percentage measure

Top 10 import source countries Worth of total imports in US currency Total imports in percentage
China US $49.6 Billion Dollars 27.9%
Korea US $27.8 Billion Dollars 15.7%
Japan US $15.5 Billion Dollars 8.8%
Taiwan US $12.6 Billion Dollars 7.1%
Thailand US $8.4 Billion Dollars 4.8%
Singapore US $7.6 Billion Dollars 4.3%
United States US $7 Billion Dollars 4.0%
Malaysia US $5.5 Billion Dollars 3.1%
Germany US $4 Billion Dollars 2.2%
India US $3.9 Billion Dollars 2.2%

Know more about Uruguay’s top Exports to the World with Uruguay Exports Data

According to the most recent Uruguay exports data, Uruguay is considered the 94th largest exporting country in the world due to its last year’s export of US 8.1 Billion Dollars. A large number of products are being exported from Uruguay to other nations of the world including China (19% of total Uruguay’s exports), Brazil (14%), United States (7%), Argentina (4.9%), Germany (4.0%), Netherlands (3.8%), Mexico (3.7%), Italy (3.4%) and many more.

Uruguay Exports Data

Here is the complete list of top exports of Uruguay, total worth of exported items and their exports in percentage-

Top Uruguay’s exports Total amount US currency Total exports in percentage


Meat US$1.6 billion (23% of total exports)
Oil seeds $818.3 million (11.7%)
Wood $816.8 million (11.7%)
Dairy, eggs & honey $585.6 million (8.4%)
Cereals $551.1 million (7.9%)
Raw hides, skins not furskins, leather $277.2 million (4%)
Wool $205.5 million (2.9%)
Plastics, plastic articles $197.9 million (2.8%)
Live animals $196.4 million (2.8%)
Milling products, malt, starches $166.1 million (2.4%)

With reference to the above table and recent Uruguay exports data, Meat is the largest exported item in Uruguay which is accounted for 23% of total Uruguay’s exports. After that, oil seeds and woods are the second largest exports of Uruguay and represents 11.7% each of total yearly exports of Uruguay.

What does it contains in exports data of Uruguay?

It contains information like Date & time of shipment (Time, Year, Month& Date), HS Code of exported item, short description of exported products, Load Vessel Name, Name of the buyer& suppliers, Quantity Net Weight &Unit of Uruguay’ exported items, Amount & Currency Uruguay’ exported items, method of shipment, port & country of destination, name & address of suppliers & buyers and many more.

How Export Data in Panama helps in Getting Detailed Statistical Report of the Top 3 Exports of Panama?

Panama is a beautiful country located in the Central America and majorly involved in export business far more than importation. In 2016, Panama exported commodities worth of US $4.75 Billion Dollars. If we analyze the last year’s export data in Panama, there are lots of major products that Panama sells to rest of the world such as Coal tar oil, passenger & cargo ships, refined petroleum, crude petroleum, petroleum gas, packaged medicament’s, Bananas, tug boats, rubber tires, non-fillet frozen fish, gold, diamonds etc.

Export Data in Panama

What are the top three major exports of panama?

1) Passenger and Cargo Ships- Recently, Panama exported passengers & cargo ships worth of US $741M which accounted for 16% of the Panama’s exports. The top export destinations of Panama’s cargo ships are South Korea (43%), Japan (21%), Poland (10%), Thailand (5.9%), India (5.2%), Greece (5.2%), Malaysia (2.9%), Germany (2.2%) and Norway (1.4%) etc.

3) Refined Petroleum- In 2015, Mexico brought Refined Petroleum worth of $90.2M from Panama which accounted for 24% of total refined petroleum exports of Panama, followed by Ecuador ($74.9M), Paraguay (57.8M), Colombia ($49.1M), Guatemala ($42.2M), Mozambique ($18.6M), Zambia (11.5M), Nicaragua ($10.4M), Dominican Republic (6 .91M) and many more.

What does Panama exports data comprises?

The export data of Panama contains detailed information about all the export trade that took place in Panama throughout the past year like top exporter’s name, export destination’s port & country, product’s description, harmonized system code, applicable GST tax & custom duty, exporter and importer’s contact details, date & time of product’s delivery.